Children & Youth Religious Education
Unitarian Universalist religious education has only one goal:

We seek an outcome of respectful, responsible, life-loving kids who know they are valued for all of who they are and are ready to show others the same deep acceptance.

Our religious education program provides opportunities for children and youth to engage their minds as a way to grow their hearts. We help them understand that divine inspiration can be found within each human being, that we are all born with the potential for goodness, and that we have a duty to cherish the earth and revere life.

What Families Are Saying

All Welcome, No Judgment

The friendships my sons formed at UUCL got them through elementary school and middle school, and as a group of liberal families, we have enjoyed many UUCL nature field trips and religious exploration activities. I love knowing that my kids have a place where folks are welcoming, open to questioning, and don't judge people by their appearance. My kids love Mountain Camp!

- Carol Weir, UUCL Parent

Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.

We teach our Unitarian Universalist heritage. We teach children that all big questions have many answers and that it is their duty to search responsibly for the answers that feel right to them.

Our religious education program teaches children about ethical living. They learn about the moral precepts to love their neighbor, work for a better world, and search for truth with an open mind.

We begin with the understanding that children, like adults, learn in different ways. They engage their bodies, spirits, imaginations, and curiosity as part of their religious learning stories, discussion, games, art projects and music are just some of the ways we help children explore their world and gain new knowledge and insights.

We do not teach the Bible as the literal word of God, but children learn about the Bible in age-appropriate ways.

The Bible is important to us for at least 3 reasons:

  1. We find in it good lessons and inspiring words;
  2. It helps us understand our Western cultural heritage;
  3. Knowing about the Bible from a historical perspective helps children explain their own beliefs to others who are biblically oriented.

Children learn that there are as many ideas about God as there are people; that we consider  Jesus to be one of the great prophets and teachers and learn from the example of his life; and that death is a mystery inseparable from life, and the only immortality we can know for sure is the way we live on in the hearts and minds of those whose lives we touch. Therefore, how we lead our lives each day is of utmost importance.

Yes. Children learn about the beliefs and practices of the world’s major religions. This encourages understanding of other cultures, fosters the sense of being a world citizen, and helps children see our Jewish and Christian cultures in perspective.

Ann Harrison, Director of Religious Education at UUCL and a 5th-generation Unitarian Universalist, is available by phone or email. If you would like to speak with her, please complete the contact form below and she will be in touch soon!

Children Have Spiritual Needs
We believe a child's spiritual exploration matters.

Unitarian Universalists believe that education is an essential aspect of spiritual growth. We recognize that parents seek religious education programs that are based on a community of shared values. These values provide children with building blocks to help them form their own beliefs.

We have a strong faith in the inherent spirituality of children and see it as our task to nurture that spirit. Our respect for children teaches them also to have respect for themselves, for others, and for the fragile interdependent web of all life.

What Parents Are Saying

Opening Minds & Hearts

My daughter's time at UUCL has been full of open-ended religious and cultural exploration in a fun and engaging environment. Ann Harrison (Religious Education Director) has a special ability to instinctively meet the needs of her students while making sure everyone has fun. Fort-building, chalice-lighting and meditation, reading, art... there's always something fun going on! As a result of Ann's wisdom and kindness, my daughter is challenging and expanding both her mind and heart. Our family highly recommends the Religious Education Program at UUCL. 

- Ashley Trexler, UUCL Parent

Meet Ann Harrison

Welcome! As Director of Religious Education at UUCL, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to you and your family. Please join us this Sunday at 10 am for some fun-filled spiritual exploration and development. See you there!

Ann is a 5th generation Unitarian Universalist, born in Newburyport, MA. She graduated from High School in New Bedford, MA. in 1977 and from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1981 with a BS in Nursing.

Ann has two daughters, Emily and Joanna.  Emily lives in Neptune City, NJ, and Joanna in Charleston, SC.

Ann moved with her girls to Hilton Head Island in 1996.  They began attending the Unitarian Fellowship right away. In 1997, Ann became the Director of Religious Education and has been an active member of UUCL since then.  She became credentialed as a UU religious educator in 2012.  She also works at the Cypress Continuing Care Retirement Community and managed the Cypress Home Health Agency and the Cypress Clinic for years.

Ann lives on Hilton Head with Miss Kitty (the cat).  She enjoys reading, biking, going to the beach, and working in the garden.

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UU religious education has only one goal: We seek an outcome of respectful, responsible, life-loving kids who know they are valued for all of who they are and are ready to show others the same deep acceptance. Learn more.